Foxconn nT-535 Manual User Guide

Do you own the Foxconn nT-535 nettop PC? Here is Foxconn nT-535 owner manual or user guide for you. This manual is available online and you can download it directly from Foxconn website. This Foxconn nT-535 user manual has 26 pages in PDF document format (1.45 MB). This user guide contains any information and instruction how to operate the Foxconn nT-535 nettop PC properly, such as knowing Foxconn nT-535 part names & functions, how to place the netbox, how to connect Netbox antenna, monitor, network cable & USB devices, installing Windows XP/7 & drivers, etc.

Table of Contents:

- Chapter 1 Introduction of NETBOX
- Product Overview
- LED Indicator Introduction
- Chapter 2 Placement and connection of NETBOX
- Placement of NETBOX
- On the Desk
- On the Display Back
- Connection of NETBOX
- Connect the Antenna
- Connect the Monitor
- Connect the USB Devices
- Connect the Network Cable
- Connect the Power Cord
- Chapter 3 Install Windows OS
- Install Windows XP
- Install Windows 7
- Appendix – Display Features Notice

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Download free Foxconn nT-535 nettop PC User Manual.PDF (26 pages pdf file, 1.45 MB).