Samsung Tocco Quick Tap User Manual Guide PDF Download

Do you own the Samsung Tocco Quick Tap mobile phone? Here is Samsung Tocco Quick Tap user manual  for you. This manual is available online and you can download it directly from This manual comes in 76 pages of PDF document format (1.94 MB). This Samsung Tocco Quick Tap user manual contains any information and instructions how to operate the Samsung Tocco Quick Tap properly, such as how to install the SIM card and battery, how to insert a memory card (optional), how to turn your phone on and off, how to access menus, how to use the widgets, how to customise your phone, how to use basic call functions, how to adjust the volume, how to send and view messages, how to use basic camera functions, how to listen to the FM radio, how to browse the web, how to download music files from the web, how to use advanced call functions, how to use advanced address book functions, how to use advanced messaging functions, how to use advanced camera functions, how to use camera options, how to use advanced music functions, how to use the Bluetooth wireless feature, how to make fake calls, how to print the images, how to use Java-powered games and applications, how to use RSS reader, how to set and use alarms, troubleshooting and index.

Samsung Tocco Quick Tap comes with these specification and features: 3.0 inches TFT resistive touchscreen display, 3.15 MP camera, video recording, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,  USB v2.0, POP3 IMAP4, 50 MB phone memory, compatible with micro SD card, Music Playback, Video Playback, FM radio, Orange Quick Tap services, Java support, 2.0/xHTML, HTML, etc.

Samsung Tocco Quick Tap manual table of contents as follows:

* safety and usage information
* introducing your mobile phone
* assembling and preparing your mobile phone
* using basic functions
* using advanced functions
* using tools and applications
* troubleshooting
* index

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