Toshiba Thrive User Manual Guide Online Download

Do you own the Toshiba Thrive tablet? Here is Toshiba Thrive user manual or operating instruction guide for you. This manual is available online and you can download it directly from This manual comes in 131 pages of PDF document format and 1.67 MB. This Toshiba Thrive user manual guide contains any information and instructions how to operate the Toshiba Thrive properly, such as about this guide, safety icons, file management tips, service options, how to connect to a power source, how to charge the battery, how to remove the battery from the device, how to insert a charged battery, how to take care of your battery, optimizing battery life, how to maintenance your battery, how to use the device for the first time, setting up your device, setting up your Wi-Fi connection, setting location preferences, sign in to your Google Account, setting up Wi-Fi and bluetooth, navigation and features, customizing your device’s settings, Apps and Settings menus, Wireless and networks settings, sound settings, screen settings, Multimedia setting, location and security settings, applications settings, privacy settings, storage settings, language & input settings, accessibility settings, about the tablet, and many more.

Toshiba Thrive powered by Android 3.1 Honeycomb operating system. Equipped with 10.1″ High-resolution LED Sscreen, dual front and back webcams, user-replaceable Easy Grip Back cover and battery, USB 2.0, Mini USB, HDMI and an SD card slot.

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